Coaching with Ceci

“…Every soul is to be cherished, that every flower is to bloom.”

Alice Walker

Coaching for those refusing to give up on their hopes and life’s vision…

Resilience is not just saying you “survived”. It is about being better after the experience. Gaining strength, vitality, wisdom, joy, understanding and so much more.

It’s knowing that it was better for me to have lived through something than to die from it!

From an adverse childhood to foolish adulting, I’ve resolved that it is never an option to give up on me. Determined to learn, to grow, and to be, I have developed the capacity to realize my hopes and vision. And I will continue doing so for the rest of my life.

Some pose self as something static equated to employment, business, etc. yet I know that self is fluid and ever unfolding. Most things change and some things do not. For many, this is where the trouble hides! It is hidden in the ignorance of not knowing what should change and what should not.

I have uncovered that unless an individual knows what should change and what should not, self-actualization and true transformation will not take place. My life’s purpose is realized helping others manifest real transformation. Every person can transform themselves into who they are and what their lives could be.

Real transformation is within waiting for you to release it.

Why is it time to bloom? Because blooming occurs in the middle of a plant’s life cycle, it is the time when cultivated seeds are released to produce the next cycle of the plant’s life. You have covered a lot of ground yet you may be right on the edge of your bloom. Seemingly stuck and unable to fully embrace your next cycle. Many of us become stuck in our life cycle left with a view of life that is incomplete and unfulfilled.

Do you think that you have missed your best years?

Evidence has shown that the way we think impacts our experience.

Do you wonder about who you could have been?

Hope and dream of how much larger your dream can be from all you’ve learned.

Do you think you are out of time?

Time is your servant, not your master, helping you to either excel, stand still, or digress.

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”

Nido Qubein

What I Do

Coach you in identifying your seeds, naming your seeds, scheduling and planting your seeds; cultivating your bloom.

What You Do

Eagerly participate in the process, being and refusing to give up on yourself; embracing and manifesting your bloom.

You can bloom beyond trauma and setbacks to enjoy a full and rewarding life.

Bloom means to thrive in health, beauty, and vigor.

Aren’t you ready to bloom?