Purposeful Frustration

Have you ever done all you can do and it still not be enough?! You’re flexible, not too demanding, forgiving, considerate, direct, and supportive…yet you still can’t seem to get to the end you desire? I mean when you hit the wall in this frustration sometimes the most fitting release from the brewing anger is screaming! Some would say that this is not the proper “Christian” response…WHATEVER! If God can’t handle my need to shout, then he and everyone else is just going to be uncomfortable. Though I don’t believe that the issue would be his, it is ours.

We have a tendency to want everything nice and tidy and when it is not, it lends to frustration. I want my life nice and tidy, free of hiccups and disturbances that are beyond my control or perceived control. What I usually fail to realize is that control to God is not the same as what it is to me. Control to me is no disturbance seeing that chaos is an indicator that I lack control or direction. Control to God includes disturbances and chaos because he uses them as purposeful and directive. He knows everything and sees it all, so at any point he can intervene so whatever it is, is still within his reach.This differing point of view is supported by scripture, Isaiah 59:1 as well as the following…

“Isaiah 55:8-9 (KJV), For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher that your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

That word “higher” in the original text is defined as to soar, lofty, haughty; it is indicative of the intention of God’s purpose. His thoughts are meant to cause us to soar, to rise above, to express the height and greatness of him. In our finite minds, this means little but when lived out yet it takes us higher and beyond our thinking or perspective. My frustration attempts to trap me in my right now and the circumstances but the intention in which God allows it is not locked up in the right now. He is attempting to take me higher than the circumstance, if I allow. He is pushing me to rise above my perspective and accept his perspective.

Essentially, the frustration is purposeful and instructive. Instructing me in handling the affairs of this life. Will I trust God or won’t I? Do I believe and expect the promises of God to be manifested for me? Am I going to be more than a hearer of God’s word and become a doer? Is God really true? Can I really tell him everything and he still love me and receive me as his own? The circumstances create pressure and discomfort that works against believing. So what will I hold on to?

Being that frustration is purposeful, does he allow this out of love and his plan for my life? What is his motive and will I wait on him? Am I really the apple of his eye? (Psalm 17:8) It demands of us to either live by faith or walk by sight (Romans 1:17). Where no one likes to be frustrated, it seems that when those moments arrive we should let it have its perfect work (James 1:4) that we may be whole in every way. Job cried out to the Lord when he had enough and God answered, I believe that when we say what we really mean so God will answer us as well.

With a lightened heart, Ceci