Tragedies & Triumphs

A series of moments, events and encounters creates this lovely web of life. The tragedies makes the triumphs more sweet than if the triumphs happened alone. The infrequency of both keeps us on our toes. Even the expectation for the shift into another encounter can either motivate you or thwart your drive. And despite what comes the experience of expectation is enough to cause our hearts to beat faster.

I am challenged to relish, derive the value of every part of my life’s series. Like a TV show with many episodes, I may replay or ponder its impact on me so will I do so in life. Whether it made me cry or shout, there’s value even in it that can make me better in some way. This value that I cherish can keep life from becoming debased and void. I must maintain what I know and act in faith that there is more to have and hold so I won’t stop moving or being. I smile thinking of how much I cried over the last 30 days or so and now I am enjoying my laughter and smile again. Who says that I can’t be both suffering and happy at the same time?! Apostle Paul said that he knew how to be in any circumstances he found himself in because he drew his strength and vigor from Christ himself. (Philippians 4:12-13) I think I’ll just follow his lead…

Adieu and God bless, Ceci