Having the Will to Continue

Despite what you might think of some of your role models or heroes, we all have struggled with the will to continue. Sometimes it comes from the external world around us and other times, it is from our own internal environment. No matter the person or the circumstance, highs or lows, managing the will can sometimes be tricky. Some run on auto-pilot in an attempt to ensure everything is maintained while others analyze every moment and never seem to make a step in any direction. The biggest concern/fear is is this the right thing for me – is this going to work out like I want – am I even in the right place for this to occur?

So many questions and so many concerns leave us without a compass or surety that we are fine. Others may say we’re fine, circumstances may speak to truth that we’re fine but we aren’t able to grasp that fact that we are truly okay. So we struggle with our will,  it seems that it has it own life and own way which doesn’t want to submit to ours. Paul struggled with the same issues in Romans 7, he struggled with his sinful nature (will fueled by ungodly desires) to get it to line up with what he truly wanted (derived from his spirit man). Like Paul, our struggle with will is about what we believe and what we desire. What Paul believed was in the Lordship of Jesus Christ but what he desired contradicted this truth that created a struggle.

Struggles comes in varying degrees but the core truth is that its seat is conflict. Struggles rest in the reality that two elements of me are in struggle and my beliefs and actions must align properly with the truth I embrace. Fear is not a God by-product so that element of me that is fearful must be rendered to the Lord through confession and refuted by subsequent action to render it ineffective. If I do that, my fear loses and my will is in submission to the Lord and my actions will continually align with God’s truth that I have adopted as my own. Now, if I do not recognize the fear, it will gain ahold to my beliefs and begin to perverse them creating falsehoods. These falsehoods will impose upon my will that I will begin to act unseemly. My actions will take me in a direction away from God and his truth into a place of struggle. And here the conflict becomes a blaze.

Jesus saying, “… I want your will to be done, not mine.” Luke 22:42 NLT was not only words spoken but it required corresponding action. Jesus regularly practiced the work required for enduring the cross before he got to the cross. Since Jesus is our example, then we should develop the daily practice of will alignment. This will develop in us  flexibility and longevity that helps us on reaching our eternal heights in Christ. Paul’s answer to his struggle was this, “Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord…” Romans 7:25a NLT. Our Lord has conquered this struggle and provided the means for us to daily experience victory.

Let’s do the easier portion of the work since Christ did the heavy lifting on the cross. and walk in our victory!