Overuse leads to misuse

I like emollient creams and lotions that moisturize your skin, making it soft and supple. As one ages, you realize the value of moisture because the body looses the youthful levels of moisture and needs more. You may have combination skin and though you moisturize, you find that certain parts can still become dry. Then adjustment is needed to get back on track. So understanding your skin’s needs will help you to find balance. The resulting balance creates elasticity, strength, and shine.

My skin needs moisture and I do what I understand. For awhile my skin is great, enduring various seasons and as time rolls on, I find that my skin is starting to become irritant. I’ve understood that my skin needed moisture so why am I developing a rash? Some people will see a doctor and then you have my favorite people who just keep lathering with the original understanding.

Why if something is not working as it originally did, would you keep with the original understanding? Let’s now replace the skin issue to a life issue. “I’ve accepted Jesus as my Savior, yet how my choice was originally working to breathe life in me, something has changed. I’ve lost my joy and I’m fatigued though I go to church! The moisture of Jesus doesn’t seem to be refreshing anymore.” Could it be that you’ve not grown in understanding?

It seems to happen suddenly but it didn’t happen suddenly. There was a process of time in which the choice made was in the wrong direction. See Jesus came to save but He also is Lord. Lord means that He renders direction and action that we must take to enjoy the benefits of His lordship. The last choice made should not be when you said yes to salvation. The last choice should be the one made for today, where you said yes to His Lordship. “Yes, I’ll stay sensitive to Holy Spirit’s guidance. Yes, I trust you Lord to work out my issues within me. Yes Lord, I’ll study the word and not just read it. Yes Lord, I’ll be careful with my words.”

Overusing Jesus to do the heavy lifting does not wear Him out, He just doesn’t do it! We become deluded in our thinking and we begin to sway from the way of the Lord. He finished His part on the cross in the earth realm. What He now does, His now part is interceding for us on the right hand of the Father (Romans 8:34). So the work that needs to be done is on us. Why? Because everything that we need has been supplied through Christ (2 Peter 1:3). Our part involves aligning ourselves with the will of God so that what is supplied is manifested in our earth realm (Matthew 6:33). So our work is alignment through acts of faith resulting in results seen and witnessed.

How we do our part? Jesus empowered us to do our part by putting the word of God in our mouths (through study of the Bible and times of prayer and meditation) which we then declare His truths which then begins to take form in the earth. All of this motivated through love for God and faith in Jesus. He left Holy Spirit with us to empower us, to lead and guide us so we recognize we are not depending on our fraility. Jesus said if you speak to a mountain to go into the sea, it’ll go (Matthew 21:21-22). For the glory of God, Jesus even tells us to ask it in His name (John 14:13) because our requests should be directed to giving God glory. Our lives and actions are greater than our individual parts, they contribute to the larger picture designed by God!

Now that your understanding has been enlighted, it is necessary that we remember to keep our understanding fresh. When our understanding is fresh, our balance is steadied. We then know when to speak and when to listen (James 1:19). This balance is challenged through circumstance yet we are strengthened in the process. 1 Peter 5:8-11 illustrates that our lives through Christ are directed to the glory of God meaning that it requires challenge. The threat of stalling in your living is become misuseful of Christ’s work in us. It is important that we not overuse the work of Jesus because He paid it all. Any thing paid for in advance still requires a person to go and pick up what was paid for. Do not get stuck in stagnancy and complacency, let’s do our part.

Understanding breeds balance and balance breeds strength, stability, and resolve. Know your lane, a marathan runner trains differently from a sprint runner yet they all use the track to get the work done. Selah

(Scripture references are in the Amplified version.)