Winds of Grief

Like the winds that suddenly blow in from the mountains
So does grief unannounced
No forecasting or shadows
Just the impact of its force

With tears cascading down my face
Like timberwillows in the desert breeze
Caused by the unseen power of the winds
Does my face release its willows

Water willows of unforeseen depths
And overflowing

Rolling in by its own cadence
In similitude to the timberwillows
One after the other
Two at a time
Maybe three
On and on

Flying on the winds of grief
Pacing by the howl of the wind
So does my heart howl
Longing for days before
That I’ll see no more

As empty as it came
Is as empty as this place once filled
With life of yesteryear
Where the winds brings harsh realities
It also brings sweet memories

So I’ll welcome the winds
And endure the force of the breeze
As I wallow in the touch of its appearance
For it reminds me that what I have loved
And who has loved me

In His Grace, Ceci