Divine Privilege

Privilege seems to be one of the hot topics of today. White privilege, classism, racism, on and on. What would be a great topic is divine privilege and how to access and use it? What would happen if believers tapped into this privilege? Genesis 1:26 scripture states God creates man in the image of Himself and after His likeness. The distinction of being created by and for God, in this particular way, is that we have access to the divine. This access is a privilege that was and is not owed to us. And despite our fall from grace because of sin, Christ restored our access to this divine within so we could return to fellowship with God.

Through this fellowship, we grow in knowing the truth of God and ourselves so we can embrace the promises of God. This divine privilege realizes our beauty and greatness reflecting God in the earth in various ways. Christ promised not only a life through him but one that is abundant (John 10:10). Christ makes the impossible possible, the difficult easier, and the foggy clear.

As I reflect on some choices, I need to make or reinforce, I consider this privilege. Recalling this privilege reminds me of what I really want, helping me to remember the larger picture. The picture I see is me remaining in God’s path for me with its resulting joy in my life. I will not neglect or regret this divine privilege, would you?!

Join me in recalling this divine privilege through Christ to refresh and stimulate your perspective; there’s definitely something more in store…

Honoring my privilege, Ceci #divineprivilegeismine #refreshandstimulate