Resentment + Me = Foolishness

I’m a person who has worked really hard to overcome a rough childhood and ignorant young adulthood. I’ve matured to accept consequences for my actions along with the responsibility of creating a healthy structure for making good decisions. I say all of that to get to this point…I HATE THE PRESENCE OF RESENTMENT IN ME!!!

See the underlying culprit of resentment is unforgiveness. I am in resentment because I enjoyed/ignored unforgiveness for too long. Forgiveness frees me from being angry as well as justified in my anger. Unforgiveness lets me be self-righteous for being treated wrong. The pedestal offered by unforgiveness can feel so good but it does so much damage!

Is unforgiveness worth the cost? The person who did me wrong doesn’t care that they did me wrong or probably didn’t notice. They took, stole, and left me empty of what I chose to give freely. I didn’t think I was making an investment with no return. I didn’t want accolades or gifts, I wanted them to use my investment wisely and grow from it. But instead they treated it as dung (fecal matter). Truthfully, they didn’t owe me to be successful. Yet my desire to see them better drove my choice to invest.

Was it a lack of wisdom or a wealth of love that drove my decision? This time, it was a wealth of love. Unfortunately, for the person, I have now seen the depravity of their thinking/condition and I must exercise caution. Though I know I must forgive, within I still want to correct them.

Yet here is where I choose to digress, suffer the discomfort because the will of a person is subject to that person just like consequences. Nothing I could do would correct what has already occurred. So my necessary and wise recourse is to address what I’ve done. Once I forgive, the resentment (weed) has no root to live in and the lesson will bloom. An understood and applied lesson does the heart, mind, and body good and much better than resentment, this will bring comfort. For this is the formula, I prefer: Forgiveness + Me = Wisdom. And wisdom brings health to me!

“Oh! Teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well!” Proverbs 90:12 Message

Embracing Forgiveness, Ceci