What Could I Have Done?

I remember in the beginning…

Lost and alone

I braved the world as it shown

Resolved that I had nothing to gain

Looking into your eyes, you found hope again

That maybe there was love to be discovered

And maintained

Through the years

I struggled to keep up

Blow after blow

Slapped down

Kicked around

Barely a breath retained

I searched for your eyes

Hoping that they would speak as they had before

They glimmered as a light with a shortage

Dimming light that had now become unsure

What could I have done?

For what I did

There was no sure thing

I knew this too well

Yet I had hoped that my life would serve you well

It seems that I have failed

Are you better for the hope that I regained?

Are you better for the sacrifice?

What Could I Have Done…

I’ll wait for the final reveal