The Value of Wise Counsel

We make decisions daily with varying degrees of impact. Some decisions cause us to be proud of the resulting outcome and then there are others that we wished we had given more time to for a better outcome. Google truly undermines the value of wise counsel because it gives so much counsel! Loads of information from insta-experts with reviews by unknowns. Today, we need a discerning eye and ear to know what is wise and what is not.

The general context of wisdom is knowledge applied yet there is more to understanding wisdom. See I can take the knowledge of gravity and jump from a high place giving it application. But that does not mean that the outcome was a show of proper application or supportive of future use by others to cause them to profit. So for wisdom to really work for our desirable outcomes, we need to include the word ‘right’. Wisdom is the right knowledge applied (

Proverbs 24:6 ESV “For by wise guidance you can wage your war and in abundance of counselors there is victory.” We stand in the midst of battles, small and large daily, we need the counsel of the word of God and trusted advisors. Let’s not just take information and subjective angles of thought to engage this battle of sorts. Seek wisdom and maintain good support that you may discern your next action. Your next decision may take you through the door of opportunity you’ve been waiting for! There is value in wisdom, SEIZE it!