Curiosity is useful…

Picturing Moses being captivated by a bush burning that was not being consumed (Exodus 3:1-4), I am captivated by God knowing Moses would be captivated by that sight. Inherently, God knew Moses was a curious type and to ensure that he would get Moses’ attention, he created the perfect situation. As a child, being curious meant you were nosey or a busy body. It was not considered a good trait yet it is common among intellectuals, scientists, authors, etc. In some areas of the body of Christ, it is still frowned upon.

If it is not useful, why did God utilize it with Moses and why does He continue to use it now? Matthew 6:33 (KJV), “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Seek and curious could be synonyms, let’s see. Noah Webster 1828 defines curiosity as “a strong desire to see something novel or discover something unknown. either by research or inquiry…inquisitiveness.”  Seek defined from the same text means, “to go in search or quest of; to look for;…to inquire,…to endeavor to find or gain by any means.” I believe they are synonymous.

The kingdom of God is largely unknown to us. Jesus revealed the kingdom to us yet it is our curiosity/seek that will draw us into understanding and participation in the kingdom of God. A question I pose often is ‘Why are you a Christian? What drove you to surrender your life to Jesus? What does that mean to you?’

If you have realized everything you ever wanted in being a Christian and there is nothing more to experience, then your hunger has waned and no greater living is to be had through Christ. If your salvation is for cars, money, physical security, and happiness, having that means you’re satisfied. Though that was not God’s full intent, it is your choice to stop there. For the curious, the seeker, satisfaction will not come in things yet it comes in knowing and being.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:1-2 (PHILLIPS) that when he went to the church of Corinth, he intentionally focused on the most pertinent matter; “I did not come equipped with any brilliance of speech or intellect. You may as well know now that it was my secret determination to concentrate entirely on Jesus Christ and the fact of his death upon the cross.” Grasping the knowledge, the power, and sufficiency of Christ’s life, death, burial, and resurrection is a lifelong journey that will satisfy the soul that things could never provide.  This should spark curiosity within to experience the novel opportunity to know, to be seized by the power of God, and to be satisfied with Him.

Through the journey of knowing, we become…We become His righteousness through Christ by faith (Romans 3:21-26 ESV) and sons of God (Galatians 4:4-7 ESV). There is so much to becoming and curiosity is a way to draw it out. It was the curiosity of the Ethiopian to understand the scriptures that brought him heavenly intervention in which Philip was sent to minister to him (Acts 8:26-40). What heavenly intervention is awaiting your curiosity about God and His kingdom?

Some Christian notables were people of curiosity, Martin Luther, Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis and others. Curiosity is not to be underutilized or thrown away, it’s all about what you do with it?

In His Grace, Ceci Myles #curiosityisuseful #whatwillyoubecome

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