When Giving Your All is Not Needed

So I do not enjoy drudgery.  If I could avoid it I would yet it keeps popping up!I am a “jump in with both feet” kind of person. I am ‘Go hard or go home’ and this reflects in a personality of extremes and bursts of energy. And so when it’s time to manage drudgery, I use the burst of energy in the hopes of suppressing the parts I do not quite enjoy. And this forceful-and-hands-on-deck-with-both-feet-in-and-much-too-much-to-say-while-doing-it-approach is disastrous! It causes great imbalance during execution and deep exasperation. Where I would rather discard the experience and complain, growth and progress actually occurs when I stop trying to move beyond it and stop complaining. 

Like sludge on a shoe, drudgery is not meant to be wiped away swiftly. It is a purifying and clarifying experience. It’s not about enjoyment, it is a matter of production. When I stop struggling with its existence, my actions to stop it begins to affect my experience in that the pressure of it lightens. When the pressure lessens, I become attracted to more positive experiences around me and shift from complaining. For all of the frustration I could spend on the experience, through the shift, I uncover provocation and motivation.

Drudgery being dull and menial work is counter-stimulating when handled improperly. It can seem to actually reduce the probability of what is hoped for. When handled wisely, it can become the immediate catalyst for what I’ve been hoping and praying for. For the one who works with hope in mind and faith engaged, the drudgery does not hinder; it becomes a sign of what is hoped for. 

Drudgery is so routine that it doesn’t take constant thinking and worrying to complete, it just requires constancy. So it doesn’t require all of your energy, just your diligence. You may not enjoy reading the bible daily, but the constancy of reading it still holds a return with the least amount of effort. Because there is a secret in the diligence, each action to read is creating momentum. With belief that it is the word of God (2 Timothy 3:16) and it is spirit and life (John 6:63), reading every day plants spirit and life that grows into something more. A moment a day can one day make the difference in a year that intense effort could’ve burnt out.

Like food being cooked in a slow cooker creates tender, succulent meat, let the drudgery that occurs occasionally to benefit and not harm you. The habit of daily dental hygiene doesn’t require a lot to accomplish yet if done twice a day properly, the dentist will usually provide a good report every six months. I can’t ever say that I thought brushing my teeth was a joyful highlight of my day yet neither was it a painful experience, it is necessary and thus useful.

Get out of your own way and accept the way you must take, all is not needed for every task of your life yet constancy is always a necessary component of the recipe. #constancyiskey #allisnotneeded