Just Forget About It

We are people prone to need others and an unfortunate side effect of this wonderful dynamic given to us by God is that we want approval, permission, confirming evidence  saying “ok”, “you’re right”! Yet to wait for that from others may mean that you don’t move when you should or you don’t speak when its your time. Missing the queue when its your turn can be alarming and further, isolating. Because not only are we wanting affirmation yet we now long for realization.

Looking for what is within from without and longing for what should be rather than accepting what is can be maddening, even numbing depending on how long you’ve been in such place. Yet there is hope! Here’s the answer, Jesus…How? He resets (Luke 5:12-13), he restores (Matthew 12:13), he performs vision adjustments (John 9:1-7) and much more!

Console thyself with this truth, you’re not stuck. You’ve got to forget about what was by rehearsing what’s possible. Take in new thoughts on your concern through prayer, information gathering, studying the word of God. Enjoy new experiences with expectation of good outcomes. Learn something new and develop discipline and habits to support new growth and outlook. Let the old fall away and embrace the newness of life that Christ provided through faith. Faith not just in who He is, conjoin that faith to what He’s said about you through the word of God improving your perspective on self. All things are possible to him that believe, choose to believe (Mark 9:23).

So get up, shake the dust out of your hair, get the cobwebs out of your ears and forget about what was and get ready for what will be! #forgetaboutit #startagain #returntohope