Reaper’s Bend

I’m dead to living a lie

Being on standby

Watching my dreams drive by

So you can fly


I’m dead to being less of me

Giving my best to thee

Because I chose not to be

What I know to be


I’m dead to skirting my words

Easing your burden

Forgetting I’m flirtin’

With Kamikaze’s sword


Your words won’t frame

For they don’t contain

My real me

Seeping out from my enemy


I refuse that part

Of this destructive story

That seeks to make me a victim

And a martyr


Dead is lifeless

Dead is hopeless

No use in speaking with a dummy

I just don’t have the tummy


No light in sight

No song to be sung

Here we end

At the Reaper’s bend


I’m looking at you

You’re looking at me

Without words spoken

With nothing exchanged



Without anything due

The only echo heard is the scripture read

‘Let the dead bury the dead’

© Cecilia Myles 2019