Arising from the clay

I’m here to have a say

What will I relay

I’m going to pray


For the sound was sent

As my image was cast

Like a water fount

I will shoot up


Doing what I’ve never done

Or only done obscure

Unaccompanied ee

Knowing that I’ve shone


For the clay

Was my mainstay

Before His hands

Shaped me


I can never go back

To who I was before He

Wanting to see the sky

Above it, I’ll elevate


The sky releases the sound





Speaking Aloud



From within

The power of the word

Causes this clay to rattle

As my feet begin to scramble

The ground beneath me

Seems to push against me


Arise Girl

Heaven’s waiting

Arise Lady

Your time is swaying

Arise Woman

You’re oblation

Arise Daughter

You’re My Vision


© Cecilia Myles 2019