I tend to be an observer of many varying perspectives and the resulting actions. Observing people who tend to follow a recipe to success and others who follow a recipe to less, each group does produce a particular end whether positive or negative. What is peculiar to me is the root of motivation to either end. 

  Many seeds can stand to be yet many seeds do not bloom. Though the seed was cast, it never seemed to take root. Our seeds are dependent upon interaction with other elements such as we truly realize through interaction with other people. There is a formula and the seed is central to the outcome yet not the only essential for the outcome.

  The benefit of being is the opportunity to start again, to refresh perspective, and regain momentum. Even though a flower withers, the next spring it can start again. I have purple grass and when speaking to the horticulturist, I asked how to maintain it during the winter. He instructed me to cut it down and it’ll survive the winter, beginning to grow again in the spring. Where the seed has to burst open in the ground and then grow encouraged by the dirt through the power and determination of the push, once sprouted it is inherent in its process to accept its journey has not come to an end. It has entered a new cycle of flourishing in which it must enjoy and endure more becoming and more blooming.

  The difference between most people is the understanding of this cycle; not cooperating with it increases the difficulty in being and becoming. Each step encourages the next step. You may not know the next step to take but that is why growth does not happen alone. Even in the ground, the seed has dirt, water, nutrients, and insects around.

You do not need to do it alone. 

  Consider this, learning is a life-long process. What you know today, you did not know yesterday. What you know today, you will build on tomorrow. Don’t hold your head down or tuck yourself away for what you didn’t know. 

Decide to know more! Decide to do more! 

  Gain knowledge and wisdom to realize the power and potential of your seed! It was given to you to steward, waste no more time to harvest your plenty. You’re not alone in this journey. I am with you and a host of others who want to live out the best of what is inside of them.

Join us bloomers and let us know how you are doing and how we can help!